♫ VVVViiiibbbeessss

(AKA: I expose my own poor music taste :P)

Here's a list of a bunch of music playlists I listen to when I'm trying to think abt my characters/stories. They're mostly vibes based (hence the title lol) and I didn't take them too seriously. Click one of the little disks to go to a playlist!! (These will open a new tab)


(An OC playlist for my little guy)


(*slaps roof of playlist* This playlist can hold so much unexplainable lore inside of it!!)


(Centers around a detective and his struggles to apprehend a certain pair of criminals...)

Ghosts n Shit

(Playlist abt ghosts n shit)

(Fun fact: I made the icons myself by tracing over old Windows 95 icons! It makes me feel like I'm, like, doing stuff!!! It's so cool!!!!!!)